Heroic Race Black Magic Guide

Check out the guide for the Heroic Race: Black Magic where you can win the High Superstition dragon!

Turbo Island Preview

Check out our guide to the upcoming Turbo Island. (Details subject to change before release.)

Heroic Race: Heaven with High Celestial Dragon

The Heaven Heroic Race has been updated again. Also we have updated the guide format to break the race up into separate laps due to how many laps there are this time. Just click on the lap you want to go to from the main list, or use the previous/next links at the bottom of each page.

Check out the Heroic Race: Heaven (High Celestial Dragon) Guide!

Fire and Ice Island

Check out our map of the Fire & Ice island to plan your route! Fire and Ice Island comes with some extra bonus challenges as well.

Find the pieces of the Elephant dragon in the chests in Fire & Ice island!

Collect the 4 dragons and get a bonus dragon and 15 Gems!

Find 10 of the Fire and Ice decorations and get the Fire&Ice dragon!

Mini Blizzard Island with Everest Dragon

Another Mini Blizzard Island is now live. This time it’s a Fog Island type of quest, with the Everest Dragon. Check out our Mini Blizzard Island guide for the complete map!