Jewelem Tower Quest


Jewelem Tower is rebuilt the same way that Midarian Tower is. You will find it to the right of the second island.

Jewelem Tower when rebuilt will give 1 Gem a day. See our post on the other Guardian Tower effects.


Again, there are 3 stages to rebuilding each of the Guardian Towers.


Jewelem requires a lot more quests for each stage than Midarian did.


When posed with more than 1 element, the dragons that count best are high level dragons with ALL the required elements. If you use dragons that only have SOME of the elements, they probably won’t fill the probability bar up all the way.

Jewelem’s requirements for Dragons is much more difficult. Most players will likely have to try many of the quests more than once. If you fail, you will receive some Food or Gold, and then have to try again.

Midarian Tower Quest now Live on iOS


To start the quest, look for a broken tower on the left of the starting island. It may only be a placeholder as it can take a few minutes for the graphics to load. Once they are loaded you can start the Midarian Tower Quest.

Once completed, Midarian Tower will give you a bonus to Gold production. To see more details about the bonuses that each of the Towers give, check out our overview of the Guardian Tower effects.


Enter the Tower once it is loaded to start the quest.


There are three stages of rebuilding the tower. Each stage has multiple parts.


The first stage of the Midarian Tower quest has 3 parts which you can rush with Gems, or complete with dragons. It’s very simple to complete each quest part if you have high level dragons.


Chose your highest level dragons with the required element(s). The first element is Terra. Any dragon with the Terra element can be used.


Then they will fly around the tower for a while. Once the timer is up (or you rush it with Gems) you get a chest to open up.


If the chest gives the tower part, you can continue on to the next quest. Otherwise you have to try again.


The second quest of the first stage requires Flame dragons.

Guardian Dragons and Towers


DISCLAIMER: The information here is not all verified yet. Some of the effects may function slightly differently than described here, though the general purpose should be similar in all cases.

Midarian, The Gold Proliferator

The guardian with the golden touch. Rebuild his tower and your dragons might acquire that golden touch too.

Effect: boost gold production by 20% for 1 hour. Can be used once per day.

Jewelem, The Treasure Granter

A guardian with a passion for gems. If you rebuild his tower, he will share his fortune with you.

Effect: 1 Gem per day.

Ramsey, Nourisher of the Eager

Reb uild this tower for its guardian and he will reward your dragons in a delicious way.

Effect: rush up to 8 hours off the Farming time once every 96 hours.

Winstance, The Combat Determiner

Winstance is a natural winner. If you rebuild his tower he shall help your dragons win their combats.

Effect: 20% bonus to HP and damage in combat. The bonus lasts for 1 hour and can be used once every day.

Damona, Patroness of Reproduction

Things in the Breeding Mountain go slowly. Rebuild Damona’s tower, she’ll speed things up for you.

Effect: skip 6 hours of breeding time once every 6 days.


Hanzo is a master in battle techniques. If you rebuild his tower you’ll see how fast learning new attacks can be.

The effect shaves off up to 8 hours of training time, and can be used once every 2 days.

Speedy & Greedy

It’s time to collect food and gold. Rebuild the tower of this guardian and he’ll help you with those tasks.

Effect: Speedy & Greedy will collect (all?) resources in one click, and can be used once every 3 hours.

Broodby, The Birth Watcher

Broodby’s always impatient to see the new dragoonies. So impatient she will even speed up the hatchings!

Effect: It will cut off up to 6 hours of hatching time, and can be used once every 6 days.

Phaun, Sponsor of Species

Phaun loves diversity. Rebuild her tower and lots of exotic species will land on your islands.

Effect: Bonus to breeding rare dragons for 2 hours, and can be used once every 3 days.

Hatchery Upgrades to 5 Slots


Cost of 120 Gems to upgrade the Hatchery to a 5th slot. Should help out a lot now that there are 4 breeding areas and the breeding times are shorter than hatching times. Is now active on Facebook and mobile.