Easily Breed Armadillo Dragon

You can breed Double Terra dragon with Metal dragon, to get Armadillo

With the Anniversary Island, there is a new type of dragon … the double element dragon. Double Terra is the first (and so far only) example of this type of dragon, and as the name suggests it comes loaded with 2 Terra elements. It’s also a great earning dragon, but Terra habitats fill up so fast it’s not really viable in that regard.

The interesting thing about the Double Terra dragon is that it can breed directly with the Metal dragon. This suggests you can breed Armadillo at very high odds (maybe 100%) because it’s the only breedable Metal + Terra dragon! I got an Armadillo my first try with it.

While Rare Hybrids like Armadillo aren’t as interesting as they once were … they’ve got a new lease on life given that all the 4 element dragons that are breedable in the Breeding Sanctuary have “double opposite” element combinations. This means an easy way to ensure you can breed them is to have the Rare Hybrids!