Early XP and Gold Breeding Strategy


Dragon City is often a game of waiting. Breeding times can be rather long, sometimes up to 2 days. Then 2 more days to hatch. While you can speed things up by using Gems, Gems are rather hard to get and better spent on more important things like opening up new slots in your Hatchery, getting your Ultra Breeding Tree, and speeding up special event quests. (Namely the Food portion of those events. Because the Food requirements for those event quests are absurdly high!)

So often new players end up hitting a wall sometime in the first few hours of gameplay where things just really slow down. Often this happens when a breeding attempt gets a long wait period.

There is a way to speed up the early game though, and that’s by taking advantage of breeding combinations that only result in fast breeding possibilities. Luckily for new players, these breeding combinations are available rather early on and so can be a great help when it’s needed most.

Who Can Benefit from this Dragon Breeding?

This tip isn’t for everyone though. It requires being able to sit at the computer and click a few times a minute for the duration. If you’re more of a casual player who only logs in once a day for a few minutes, it’s not going to be much help. You could still take some advantage of it a few times before setting your “real” breeding combination and logging out for the day, but it won’t be a big impact on the flow of your game.

Even then though, it’s a good thing to know, because there are other benefits of understanding these types of systems. Later on you might want to get a specific type of Dragon from a breeding combination. By recognizing which possibilities will have fast breeding “misses”, you can choose combinations that even when you “miss” you can then try again without having to wait long at all! (HINT: Plankton!)

XP and Gold Minute By Minute

Breed Mud and Waterfall Dragons for XP and Gold

So here’s the tip. Breed Terra and Sea, and keep at least one of the parents below level 10. The only possible results of Terra and Sea dragons breeding are Mud, Waterfall, and (if both parents are level 10+) Plankton dragons. What is so special about this? Perhaps more importantly, why do you want to avoid an exclusive dragon like Plankton? Well, let’s look at the breeding and hatching times for the answer:

  • Mud: 1 minute breeding, 1 minute hatching
  • Waterfall: 1 minute breeding, 1 minute hatching
  • Plankton: 20 hours breeding, 20 hours hatching

As you can see, as long as you only get Mud and Waterfall, you can breed a new Dragon once a minute. (And hatch a new Dragon once a minute.) If you get a Plankton, you’re out of business for 40 hours if you only have a level 1 Hatchery and no Ultra Breeding Tree. So keep at least one of your breeding pair under level 10.

(More experienced players will notice that Mud and Waterfall have been updated. They used to take 4 and 6 hours respectively to breed and hatch. I need to update the breeding calculator to take into account the new breeding times as well. Who knows how long it’ll last … but take advantage of it while it does!)

A Couple Caveats

Breeding Mud and Waterfall dragons does have a small opportunity cost. When your Terra and Sea Dragons are breeding, they aren’t earning Gold. How much this costs you depends on the levels of the dragons you are breeding (especially the Terra) and how often you’d be collecting Gold from your Habitats otherwise.

You also have to keep one slot open in one of your Habitats to “hatch” the egg to. (If you’re high enough level to have the Kindergarten or Dragonarium, you’ve probably got better ways of getting XP and Gold by now, and want to reserve your Hatchery for breeding more important dragons.)

So the opportunity cost is the earning of a Terra, Sea, and one other possible Dragon. This could be a couple hundred Gold per minute … but as you’ll see that’s not really very much in comparison to the benefits.

Potential Value of this Breeding Ploy

What to do with all these Mud and Waterfall dragons? Well, you first need to place them. Doing so will allow you to get the XP reward you get from Hatching dragons. This is the biggest benefit of this system, because it allows you to level up very quickly early on, opening up new and better things to do with the Gold that you are earning at the same time.

After you’ve placed the Mud or Waterfall dragon though, you might be out of room for the next one. So what you do is to sell the dragon. This gives you Gold, and opens back up your slot for the next dragon you hatch! To see how much XP and Gold you earn with this method, look at the Hatching reward and sale price of the Mud and Waterfall dragons:

  • Mud: 250 XP for hatching, 100 Gold sell price
  • Waterfall: 1000 XP for hatching, 5000 Gold sell price

The chances to get either seem pretty close. Waterfall is less common in my experience, but not by much. Your mileage will vary of course. I’ve had runs of both at times. Assuming a roughly equal distribution, if you keep popping these dragons out every minute, you’d be making 625 XP and 2550 Gold per minute!

Compare that to the opportunity cost already mentioned and it looks pretty good.

Other Breeding Possibilities

Mud and Waterfall dragons aren’t the only ones that you can take advantage of breeding this way. You can also do this with Volcano and Flaming Rock dragons, and they are available even earlier on. Thus breeding Terra and Flame dragons together is a good option for getting to level 4 so you can place your Sea Habitat and start with the Terra and Sea breeding.

The reason you want to switch to Terra and Sea rather than stick with Terra and Flame dragons is that breeding Volcano and Flaming Rock dragons give less XP and Gold per minute than their Mud and Waterfall counterparts.

Additional Considerations

Now that you’re sitting at your computer constantly breeding Terra and Sea dragons together, you’ll notice that there’s some “downtime” between Breeding, Hatching, Placing, and Selling. If you really want to kick your start into overdrive, you can keep your Farms going on Dragon Bell production!

Use the extra Gold you’re generating to clear your land and buy expansions to further increase your XP gain.

It’s a lot of clicking, but should get you through to the mid teens in very short order.