Birthday Island Map

PC (Facebook) Map Here is a route through Birthday Island that gets all the dragon pieces for the PC version. Click on the image to get the full resolution. The Mobile version is mirrored vertically. The total cost is 58330. This is a problem because the quest is only 20 days, and you can collect […]

Snow Adventure Island Map

Mobile Version Here is the full sized Snow Adventure Island Map for mobile. For more details see the Mobile Snow Adventure Island Guide. Facebook Version On PC the map is mirrored vertically (up is down, down is up, but left and right are the same). For more details see the PC Snow Adventure Island Guide. […]

Cursed Forest Island Walkthrough is Up!

Check out the Cursed Forest Island Walkthrough!

Farm Island Encounters

Farm Island Encounter 1 Farm Island Encounter 2 Farm Island Encounter 3 Farm Island Encounter 4 Farm Island Encounter 5 Farm Island Encounter 6

Farm Island Now Live

Farm Island is now live on mobile platforms. It is the same format as Throne Island. Info on this quest will be added slower than usual as I will be on the road today. Please share box costs in the comments and when I get back home a complete map will be posted with the […]