Aztec Island Quest

IMPORTANT! This is an old version of the quest. There is now a with different requirements!

Aztec Islands’ new version The Jaguar Challenge started on April 2, 2014. The quest is quite a bit different, so be sure to check out our walkthrough!

A new quest island is now live in Dragon City!

Aztec Temple Quest

Quest for the Aztec Habitat

The first quest is pretty easy. I skipped the time locks since I wanted to test the habitat ASAP. It’ll look really nice in my “nature preserve” island!

Aztec Warrior Quest

Quest for the Aztec Warrior

I almost got stuck here. Make sure if you have dragons that are finishing their breeding, to not put the eggs in the hatchery before checking the quest! I would have to wait for my new breeding pairs to finish in a day or two. So I spent 22 gems to rush. I could have rushed with 19, but I wanted to see the fight!

11 Gems Each Breeding Step

The Aztec Warrior has Nature as it’s defending element. This means using a Terra or Ice based attack will be best. Aztec Warrior has Nature and Flame attacks, so use a dragon that doesn’t have Sea, Ice, Dark or Light as it’s primary element.

Pure and Earth is a good combo against Aztec Warrior

I went with my new (and favorite) dragon … Ivory.

Terra or Ice Attacks Will Win Easily

I went first, so it wasn’t close. The NPC Aztec Warrior has a lot of hitpoints, but should be easy pickings as long as you don’t use a dragon that can be critical hit by Nature or Flame.

The reward for winning the fight against the Aztec Warrior at the end of this quest is the Aztec Warrior.

Aztec Warrior Quest Reward

***EDIT: I just crashed and had my quest set back to before I spent the 22 gems. But I still have the Aztec Warrior in my storage! Make sure to force save if you can after each step in the Quest. Or if you want to get more than one Aztec Warrior, wait till you crash after getting it!***

Storage Eggs, Including Aztec Warrior After the Crash

Aztec Warrior Part II

Choose a dragon with Terra or Ice attacks, which doesn't have Ice, Sea, Dark, or Light as it's primary element.

So, with my Aztec Warrior already in the hatchery, I still had to complete the second quest again. This time I wanted to use a lower level dragon, but the same basic principle. I selected a level 15 Pure Terra, which had their Terra attacks trained.

The Aztec Warrior has the advantage in hitpoints, but the Elements favor Pure Terra!

Aztec Warrior will scale to your dragon’s level, so you could even use a level 4 if you wanted. However it’s probably best to use a level 15 trained with a good Ice or Terra attack.

As you can see, even though the Aztec Warrior went first this time, my Pure Terra was able to prevail due to getting critical hits. The second shot finished the job.

I didn’t get a second Aztec Warrior though. It turned into a Flame egg from the looks of things.

Aztec Priest Quest

Quest for the Aztec Priest in Dragon City

The reward for this quest is the Aztec Priest!

I will have to wait for another 24 hours until I can finish the Aztec Priest quest. I could rush it for 14 gems, but I’d need to buy them and I can wait… (later)

Effect for the Aztec Priest Physical Attack

Fighting against the Aztec Priest follows the same principles as the Aztec Warrior. Choose a dragon with a trained Terra or Ice attack. You want to avoid primary elements of Metal, Dark, and Light so you can’t be critical hit by the Priest’s Nature or Dark attacks.

I went with Ivory again just to make sure. I went first, but used a Physical attack once so I could get a screenshot of the Priest’s awesome attack effect!

Aztec Emperor Quest

Dragon City Aztec Island: Emperor Quest

The reward for this quest is the Aztec Emperor!

I am still waiting on the breeding items. You get 60 for every hour of breeding time, which means I need a combined 320 hours of breeding time to finish the 3 steps! Sounds like a lot, but it ends up being less than 7 Pure hybrids. So I should have enough in 4 days.

Speeding Things Up

Aztec Emperor vs Ivory Dragon

Noticing the 20% off sale was active for gems, I decided to rush the last 2 breeding steps and fight the Aztec Emperor. He has Nature, Electric and Light attacks. That means you should still use trained Ice and Terra attacks. Stay away from dragons that have Flame, Electric, Dark, Light, or Metal as their primary element to avoid being critical hit.

The Aztec Emperor went first, and hit surprisingly hard against my Ivory. But 2 critical hits and Ivory prevailed!

Thanks to Margareta Weißenberger for allowing me to use some of her screenshots of the final two quests!