Heroic Race: Fenrir Dragon!

The Heroic Races are here, and the rewards are the new Heroic rarity of dragons. Check out our guide for Heroic Race 1: Fenrir dragon! Heroic rarity doesn’t mean much at all. What matters is Category … and the first Heroic dragon High Fenrir is a Category 10 dragon! Category 10 dragons are very, very […]

Epic Journey 3 is Live!

Check out our Epic Journey 3 guide!

Epic Journey 2 Island

See our Epic Journey 2 Island Walkthrough for all the details!

Epic Journey Island Part 1

Epic Journey Island Part 1 Walkthrough is now available!

Birthday Island Map

PC (Facebook) Map Here is a route through Birthday Island that gets all the dragon pieces for the PC version. Click on the image to get the full resolution. The Mobile version is mirrored vertically. The total cost is 58330. This is a problem because the quest is only 20 days, and you can collect […]