Tower Island and New Breeding Combos!


IMPORTANT: Glacial island is the first Tower Island style event, check out our Glacial Island Map! Continue reading

Gem Lottery Event!


A sneak peak at a Gem Lottery event that is coming soon. A Lottery Ticket deco item will be involved …


New Tournaments and Decor


Play the Cereal Killer and the Disco Ninja Tournaments to get new dragons and YouTuber decos! Find out about the good cause behind these tournaments on Facebook.


Blizzard Island Coming Soon!


A new fog island quest is coming soon … Blizzard Island. This is a short one, and you’ll need some of the rewards for a future breeding combo.

Check back for more info once the quest starts!

EDIT: Check out our Blizzard Island guide!

Winter Themed Heroic Race Preview


Another Heroic Race … and dragon … are coming soon! We’ll have all the details for you when the latest race starts. There may be a short grid island coming first though.