Heroic Race: High Star is Live!

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2017-06-16: Sanctuary Updated


The DragonCity Sanctuary breeding has been updated. Now you can breed any of the level 1 and 2 Sanctuary dragons even on Sanctuary level 7 and 8! Social Point has added 11 new dragons to breed as well:

Sanctuary Level: Dragon Name
1: King
2: Pharaoh
2: Summerfly
3: Brontosaurus
4: Bone
5: Hades
5: Atlas
6: Toxic
6: Moon
7: Tribal
8: Aquamarine

The Breeding Calculator should be working properly in regards to the new Sanctuary update, the “How to Breed” pages are not yet updated though.

Video Game Island


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High Amuka Heroic Race Preview


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Dragon City Breeders


A new type of dragon is coming to Dragon City … the “Breeder”. These dragons are able to be used as a wildcard in special breeding combinations! The first will be the Viktor dragon.


To get the Viktor dragon you will need to breed it, using these special combos. Two of the pre-requisite dragons will be made available in a new Pirate theme event, one in the Cinema, and one in a Tournament.