Dragon Card Packs


Dragon Card Packs are now available to buy in the game. Also you can get a free pack!! The dragons you can get are generally (not always) based on their rarity and the rarity of the pack, we have a page to show the rarity for all dragons.

Infinite League Fights


Short Story: Rush each league for 8 Gems, earn tickets, use tickets for Dragon Card Packs, get Gems (and Dragons, Food, Gold) from packs … repeat!

Explanation: Now that the Combat League has changed to reward tickets (not yet on all platforms) there is an interesting tactic you can use to earn gems, claim packs, and keep fighting League combat forever! (Or at least until Social Point squashes it with an update.)

Here’s how it works. You get Gems from each of the packs. The text says you get 50 to 100 Gems from a Legendary pack, but in reality you always get the 100 Gems. Here’s the Gems you get from each type of pack:

  • Legendary: 100
  • Epic: 75
  • Very Rare: 60
  • Rare: 25
  • Common: 15

And here is the ticket cost of those packs:

  • Legendary: 419
  • Epic: 329
  • Very Rare: 249
  • Rare: 149
  • Common: 89

That gives us some ratios to work with. Turns out Legendary, Epic, and Very Rare are very close to the same ratio of Gems per ticket (0.23 to 0.24). Rare and Common don’t give as many Gems per ticket (0.16) and so won’t work as well.

Because you can count on getting the Gems every time from the packs, you can calculate how many Gems you have to spend (or can earn) by using the “rush” option in the Combat Leagues. The Leagues give different amounts of tickets based on how high a league # it is

  • 0-99: 24 Tickets
  • 100-199: 34 Tickets
  • 200-299: 38 Tickets
  • 300-365: 41 Tickets

Let’s look at the Legendary Pack, since it has the most desirable dragons. The same principle works for Epic and Very Rare packs too. (As mentioned, Rare and Common will not work as well.) A Legendary Pack is 419 Tickets and it costs 8 Gems to rush through all the fights in a League without waiting. So:

  • League 0-99: 419/24 * 8 = ~140 Gems
  • League 100-199: 419/34 * 8 = ~98 Gems
  • League 200-299: 419/38 * 8 = ~88 Gems
  • League 300-365: 419/41 * 8 = ~81 Gems

Since you get 100 Gems per Legendary Pack, that means you are losing 40 Gems doing this if below League 100. Above League 100, you are gaining Gems while getting the packs! The only cost to you is the time spent. (And yes, it does take quite a lot of time to earn 419 tickets even fighting constantly!)

Dragons in the Packs

While the Gems are the “engine” that drives being able to claim pack after pack, it’s the dragons that are the big draw for doing so. The Food and Gold are nice too of course! There isn’t a complete list of all the dragons you can get from the packs, but thanks to feedback by users on the Facebook groups there is a list of many of them. (Special thanks to Dar Stéphane Mise and Ratish Ap for running some surveys, as well as everyone who has reported the dragons they got from packs!)

  • Very Rare: Anubis, Black Swan, Chocolate, Fairy, Fur, Motherly, Necromancer, Rorschach, Touchdown, Wave
  • Epic: Big Claws, Mystic War, Supernova, Voodoo Witcher, Zodiac Libra,
  • Legendary: Abyss, Apocalypse, Atlantean, Dark Jaws, Dragotron, Felidae, Fervor, Forge, Hellgate, Gravity, Infamous, Millenium, Mirage, Molluck, Promethium, Rockfire, Supersonic, Titan

I think the Legendary list is complete. The others have a lot more dragons than those that are listed. Because of the Tickets:Gem ratios, I don’t recommend doing the Rare or Common packs unless you’ve already gotten all the dragons you want out of the VR, E, and L packs.

Which dragons have you gotten from the packs? Let us know if you get something that isn’t on the list!