Dragon City Crystal Guide

The info here is dealing with the Deity World expansion to the game. So far it’s only been reported as live in iOS by a few people, many can’t see it yet. It sounds like it will be coming to Android on Thursday. The Ancient Portal is already visible on iOS and Android! Crystals are […]

Dragon City Tomato Tree

I don’t recommend getting the Tomato Tree except if you have spare Dragoonies/Candies and just want it for decoration. This is because the Food you get from the Market should be more than enough. Just add more friends and collect more Food … The amount of Food the Tomato Tree produces is based on the […]

Tutorial Deus Magical Island

Deus Island Tutorial is now in Dragon City. Here you can buy new Dragons like Explosive, Longhorn, and Mystic Plant. You can also get other decorations and buildings. To buy them you need to collect Dragoonies, which can appear out of floating chests around the islands or be purchased in the store! Deus Magical Island […]

Dragon City Breeding Guide

This is an in-depth description of the breeding system in Dragon City. It is current as of February 21, 2014 and the principles described here are how the Breeding Calculator and How to Breed pages function. How to Breed Elemental Dragons The Elemental dragons are those which have only one element and can be purchased […]

Breeding System

This is the old (still largely correct) information that was on the Breeding Calculator. I’m moving it to it’s own post so as to not clutter up the calculator so much. The important new info is on the Breeding Calculator page still. It’s been a while since the Light and War (LaW) update. Here’s a […]