New Categories


Category 9 has now been added, and is similar to category 5. A bit stronger attacks, a bit less health. Currently there aren’t any Category 9 dragons. Maybe something the Titans will be bringing?

With the Breeding Dome being opened and the new element dragons available for breeding, 3 new levels of category have been opened up. They can be a bit confusing because they are not a simple progression like category 1 to 5 has been in the past.

Past Category Progression

In the past, the categories were very simple. The higher the category, the more life the dragon would have and the more damage they would do.

  • Category 1: 3200 ATK, 8000 HP
  • Category 2: 3600 ATK, 9000 HP
  • Category 3: 4000 ATK, 10000 HP
  • Category 4: 4800 ATK, 12000 HP
  • Category 5: 5600 ATK, 14000 HP

These are base values, and don’t include any other modifiers like stars, so they don’t match up to what the final values will be. But it gives a clear picture of how the progression was laid out. Higher category = better!

New Category “Progression”

The new categories break the mold. Higher category isn’t always better, and HP and ATK are modified independant of each other.

  • Category 6: 5000 ATK, 9000 HP
  • Category 7: 4500 ATK, 13500 HP
  • Category 8: 3000 ATK, 18000 HP
  • Category 9: 6000 ATK, 13600 HP

As you can see, the new categories introduce a tradeoff of ATK and HP.

Category 6 hit harder than Category 8 dragons, almost as hard as Category 5, but have a lot less hitpoints than either. They have the same health as a Category 2 dragon in fact.

Category 8 dragons are the tanks. They have tons of hitpoints, but not that great attacks.

Category 7 dragons are a nice jack of all trades. They do a little less damage than a Category 4, but have a bit more health.

Dragon Master Points

One area where the new categories keep the same trend as the old is in regards to Dragon Master points. Each category level is worth 1 point per dragon level. So a Category 5 dragon at level 40 is worth 200 Dragon Master points.

points = category * dragonLevel

This formula is the same for the new categories, so a Category 8 dragon is worth a whopping 320 Dragon Master points at level 40. 120 more points than a Category 5.

However, until there are habitats that can hold at least 3 Dragons that these new Category 8’s and 7’s (and 4 dragons for 6’s), they don’t make sense for going after Dragon Master points. Because with 2 dragon limits on the habitats, the best you can do is 640 points from a habitat … compared to 800 from 4x Category 5s.


Remember that none of the new dragon elements have any strengths or weaknesses. Category 8 dragons are going to make for long fights!

But in the end, the new categories really aren’t that interesting. Category 5 dragons are still better fighters, even if Category 8 dragons have more health.