New Categories

Category 9 has now been added, and is similar to category 5. A bit stronger attacks, a bit less health. Currently there aren’t any Category 9 dragons. Maybe something the Titans will be bringing? With the Breeding Dome being opened and the new element dragons available for breeding, 3 new levels of category have been […]

Best Ancient Breeding Combos

Breeding Ancient dragons in the Breeding Dome functions a lot like regular breeding. Dragons are chosen from a combination of elements. The Ancient element isn’t used at all, because there are no possible dragons with the Ancient element. Each Ancient dragon has a new element (Beauty, Magic, Chaos, Happy, Dream, Soul) and an old element […]

Recruitment Tavern Guide

UPDATE: This no longer will work as inviting friends seems to be impossible since the update to Facebook API v2 The Recruitment Tavern has several dragons you can earn by inviting your friends. With Dragon City having been out for years, there aren’t many people you can invite who haven’t already tried the game. Everyone […]

Unlimited Gold and Food

Note: Social Point have stomped out this glitch, it still works, but for dramatically reduced amounts. I got ~200k Food my last collection, which given how slow it is to invite friends isn’t really even worth doing. Progressing through Dragon City is largely about accumulating and use of Gold and Food. The faster you can […]

Ancient Dragons Guide

Check out the Ancient World Breeding and Element update! Ancient dragons are a whole new type of Dragon. They can’t fight or be bred, instead they produce Platinum and can be summoned with Crystals. Table of Contents Ancient Dragons List Summoning Ancient Dragons Upgrading Ancient Dragons Ancient Dragons List Guardangel, Protector of the Heavens (Beauty) […]