New Black Market – Crossfire Dragon

A new Black Market is up! This week’s exclusive is the Crossfire Dragon. Sadly, I’m all out of gems, so probably won’t be able to get this one. Check out the stats before you buy!

Blue Fire Dragon

Blue Fire Dragon in Black Market

The Blue Fire Dragon has just been released in the Black Market. The Blue Fire is a beautiful dragon that is very interesting given it’s element combinations. Not only is Blue Fire the first dragon to have the Pure element as part of a 3 element combination, it is also the first dragon with Pure […]

Giant Wings Dragon in Black Market

The Giant Wings dragon has just been released in the Black Market. As always, you can find the stats, attacks, and images for the new exclusive dragon, as well as all the other dragons available in the Black Market page on Dragon City Guide!

Frozen Dragon Video

I put together a video of how to get the Frozen Dragon from the Black Market. Check it out!

Tribal Dragon

The Tribal dragon is now available in the Black Market. Elements are Nature and Terra.