Ranger Dragon

An image of the Ranger Dragon
  • Difficulty: 3
  • Breeding Time: 32:00:00
  • Hatching Time: 40:00:00
  • Category: 9
  • Earnings: 27
  • Increase: 20
  • XP: 200000
  • Gems Cost: 6000
  • Sell Price: 120000
An image of a Ranger Egg
An image of a Ranger Child
An image of a Ranger Youth
An image of a Ranger Adult


The Ranger Dragon used to be scared of everything until one day he challenged himself to be braver. Now his bravery has turned into a full-time calling. This courageous dragon keeps the deserts of Dragon City safe and protected.

How to Breed Ranger?

Find out how to breed Ranger dragon with the How to Breed Calculator!

Trained Attacks:

A Physical Based Attack Flying kick
  • Element:Physical
  • Base Damage:413
  • Level Gained:4
A Legend Based Attack Legendary wind
  • Element:Legend
  • Base Damage:550
  • Level Gained:4
A Physical Based Attack Stunning hit
  • Element:Physical
  • Base Damage:638
  • Level Gained:8
A Legend Based Attack Paralyzing spell
  • Element:Legend
  • Base Damage:650
  • Level Gained:15

Trainable Attacks:

A Legend Based Attack Mystery Myth++
  • Element:Legend
  • Base Damage:3100
  • Training Time:08:00:00
  • Level Required:15
A Legend Based Attack A Powerful Legend Based Attack Aurora Borealis
  • Element:Legend
  • Base Damage:2100
  • Training Time:24:00:00
  • Level Required:15
A Physical Based Attack A Powerful Physical Based Attack Deus sword
  • Element:Physical
  • Base Damage:1125
  • Training Time:48:00:00
  • Level Required:15
A Legend Based Attack A Powerful Legend Based Attack Legend spell
  • Element:Legend
  • Base Damage:2300
  • Training Time:48:00:00
  • Level Required:15

Dragons to Use Against Ranger

Ranger is a Legend primary element dragon and so can only be critical hit by other Legends. Avoid using Physical based attacks against Ranger as they will have a weak effect. To beat Ranger use high category dragons with strong attacks, higher level, and/or lots of stars!