Moonlight Dragon

An image of the Moonlight Dragon
  • Difficulty: 3
  • Breeding Time: 50:00:00
  • Hatching Time: 58:00:00
  • Category: 5
  • Earnings: 29
  • Increase: 19
  • XP: 432000
  • Gems Cost: 4500
  • Sell Price: 432000
An image of a Moonlight Egg
An image of a Moonlight Child
An image of a Moonlight Youth
An image of a Moonlight Adult


Dragons are more sensitive to moonlight than other creatures. This one in particular spent a whole night staring at a full moon and became possessed by it. Now he directs the moon\'s energy onto Dragon City.

How to Breed Moonlight?

Moonlight is not Currently Breedable. Sorry.

Trained Attacks:

A Physical Based Attack Hard charge
  • Element:Physical
  • Base Damage:488
  • Level Gained:4
A Legend Based Attack Legendary wind
  • Element:Legend
  • Base Damage:550
  • Level Gained:4
A Pure Based Attack A Powerful Pure Based Attack Hypnosis
  • Element:Pure
  • Base Damage:1500
  • Level Gained:8
A Dark Based Attack Life drain
  • Element:Dark
  • Base Damage:550
  • Level Gained:15

Trainable Attacks:

A Pure Based Attack Mystery Truth++
  • Element:Pure
  • Base Damage:3100
  • Training Time:08:00:00
  • Level Required:15
A Legend Based Attack Paralyzing spell
  • Element:Legend
  • Base Damage:650
  • Training Time:12:00:00
  • Level Required:15
A Pure Based Attack A Powerful Pure Based Attack Pure energy
  • Element:Pure
  • Base Damage:1500
  • Training Time:48:00:00
  • Level Required:15
A Dark Based Attack A Powerful Dark Based Attack The Grim Reaper
  • Element:Dark
  • Base Damage:1200
  • Training Time:24:00:00
  • Level Required:15

Dragons to Use Against Moonlight

Moonlight is a Legend primary element dragon and so can only be critical hit by other Legends. Avoid using Physical based attacks against Moonlight as they will have a weak effect. To beat Moonlight use high category dragons with strong attacks, higher level, and/or lots of stars!