FrozeBeast Dragon

An image of the FrozeBeast Dragon
  • Difficulty: 3
  • Breeding Time: 32:00:00
  • Hatching Time: 40:00:00
  • Category: 9
  • Earnings: 27
  • Increase: 16
  • XP: 200000
  • Gems Cost: 4500
  • Sell Price: 432000
An image of a FrozeBeast Egg
An image of a FrozeBeast Child
An image of a FrozeBeast Youth
An image of a FrozeBeast Adult


Some mischievous souls love the heat, so hell could be a nice vacation for them. To make sure they don’t have too much fun, they’re sent to the cold branch of hell, where they are monitored by FrozeBeast.

How to Breed FrozeBeast?

FrozeBeast is not Currently Breedable. Sorry.

Trained Attacks:

A Pure Based Attack A Powerful Pure Based Attack Pure energy
  • Element:Pure
  • Base Damage:1500
  • Level Gained:4
A Ice Based Attack Ice spikes
  • Element:Ice
  • Base Damage:650
  • Level Gained:4
A Electric Based Attack Electric shock
  • Element:Electric
  • Base Damage:1050
  • Level Gained:8
A Dark Based Attack Life drain
  • Element:Dark
  • Base Damage:550
  • Level Gained:15

Trainable Attacks:

A Pure Based Attack A Powerful Pure Based Attack Pure light
  • Element:Pure
  • Base Damage:1500
  • Training Time:48:00:00
  • Level Required:15
A  Based Attack
  • Element:
  • Base Damage:
  • Training Time:00:00:00
  • Level Required:15
A Electric Based Attack A Powerful Electric Based Attack Electro Ball
  • Element:Electric
  • Base Damage:1200
  • Training Time:24:00:00
  • Level Required:15
A Dark Based Attack A Powerful Dark Based Attack Black hole
  • Element:Dark
  • Base Damage:1350
  • Training Time:48:00:00
  • Level Required:15

Dragons to Use Against FrozeBeast

FrozeBeast is a Pure primary element dragon and so cannot be critical hit by any attacks. Avoid using Pure element based attacks against FrozeBeast as they will have a weak effect. To beat FrozeBeast and other Pure primary element dragons Legends work best. Otherwise use high category dragons with strong attacks, higher level, and/or lots of stars!