Demolition Dragon

An image of the Demolition Dragon
  • Difficulty: 3
  • Breeding Time: 32:00:00
  • Hatching Time: 40:00:00
  • Category: 6
  • Earnings: 24
  • Increase: 19
  • XP: 200000
  • Gems Cost: 4500
  • Sell Price: 432000
An image of a Demolition Egg
An image of a Demolition Child
An image of a Demolition Youth
An image of a Demolition Adult


The Demolition Dragon is highly feared and can’t have nice things. This reckless dragon is wild and free and destroys everything she comes in contact with, including other dragons in battle.

How to Breed Demolition?

Demolition is not Currently Breedable. Sorry.

Trained Attacks:

A Physical Based Attack Head butt
  • Element:Physical
  • Base Damage:788
  • Level Gained:4
A Legend Based Attack Rainbow
  • Element:Legend
  • Base Damage:1050
  • Level Gained:4
A War Based Attack Giant Crack
  • Element:War
  • Base Damage:638
  • Level Gained:8
A Electric Based Attack Lightning
  • Element:Electric
  • Base Damage:550
  • Level Gained:15

Trainable Attacks:

A Physical Based Attack A Powerful Physical Based Attack Hammer fist
  • Element:Physical
  • Base Damage:900
  • Training Time:24:00:00
  • Level Required:15
A Legend Based Attack A Powerful Legend Based Attack Legend spell
  • Element:Legend
  • Base Damage:2300
  • Training Time:48:00:00
  • Level Required:15
A War Based Attack A Powerful War Based Attack Astro Hit
  • Element:War
  • Base Damage:1650
  • Training Time:48:00:00
  • Level Required:15
A Electric Based Attack A Powerful Electric Based Attack Tesla Ray
  • Element:Electric
  • Base Damage:1350
  • Training Time:48:00:00
  • Level Required:15

Dragons to Use Against Demolition

Demolition is a Legend primary element dragon and so can only be critical hit by other Legends. Avoid using Physical based attacks against Demolition as they will have a weak effect. To beat Demolition use high category dragons with strong attacks, higher level, and/or lots of stars!

Social Point Facebook Story Image

Whenever someone breeds a new dragon in Dragon City, the Facebook App will "share" a message with friends that includes a small thumbnail. These thumbnail images include the child image standing in a foreground, with the egg on top of the hatchery in the background. Not all dragons have one.

The source images for the Facebook "share" stories are much larger and look great. Here is the "hatch" image for Demolition:

A Demolition Egg Hatching