Ancient World Breeding Combos

How to Breed Dreamcatcher

What Ancient World breeding combos have you found? Let us know in the comments below! Here’s mine for Dreamcatcher …

Breeding Tips

  • Ancient Dragons must be level 2 or higher to be used in breeding.
  • Match up the second element of the parents to the child.
  • The new dragons are all 16 hours to breed, so hope for a 16 hour breeding time!
  • When sending to the Hatchery from Breeding Dome, you may have to visit Ancient World and return again before seeing the egg.
  • You can still get normal dragons from these Ancient Dragon combos, keep trying and you’ll get it eventually.


Dreamcatcher Egg Hatching

Best Ancient Dragons to Use

This isn’t confirmed yet, but is likely how it works on “misses”:

Since you can get regular dragons from these breedings, it makes sense to limit the number and breeding times for those “misses”. This means looking at the 3rd element of the Ancient Dragons used for breeding. In general, favor using Terra as it results in the shortest breeding times. Using 2 Ancient dragons with Terra is even better, as that will leave only Terra + Terra = Terra as a “miss”.

Ancient Dragons with Terra: Ignox (Dream), Fulltune (Happy), Guardangel (Beauty)