New Element Dragons Unabled to Breed

Note, as of April 20 these issues have been resolved. You can fight and train on Facebook with the new Breeding Dome dragons. Beauty, Magic, Chaos, Happy, Dream, and Soul element dragons appear to not be able to breed in the Breeding Mountain, Ultra Breeding Tree, Breeding Sanctuary, and Deus Breeding Nest. Problems with Fighting […]

Ancient World Breeding Combos

What Ancient World breeding combos have you found? Let us know in the comments below! Here’s mine for Dreamcatcher … Breeding Tips Ancient Dragons must be level 2 or higher to be used in breeding. Match up the second element of the parents to the child. The new dragons are all 16 hours to breed, […]

More Ancient Dragons Less Upgrading

With the new changes to Platinum rate as of Dec 19 2014, this article no longer applies. Upgrading Ancient Dragons is now a decent option as upgrading will give similar increase as getting a new dragon. If you want to increase your Platinum rate as fast as possible, consider the increase in rate you get […]

Easily Breed Armadillo Dragon

With the Anniversary Island, there is a new type of dragon … the double element dragon. Double Terra is the first (and so far only) example of this type of dragon, and as the name suggests it comes loaded with 2 Terra elements. It’s also a great earning dragon, but Terra habitats fill up so […]

Get Gems from Video Rewards

It looks like Social Point has fixed the ability to earn Gems from watching Videos. Many players are reporting being able to earn Gems over and over from watching the videos. Some have earned over a hundred Gems this way! So if you’re having trouble saving up for new islands, check out the “Earn Gems” […]