Throne Island Enemies

In Throne Island there are fight points on the grid where you will need to beat enemy dragons to proceed. Here are the dragons you will face. The encounter numbers are marked on the map above. Throne Island Encounter 1 Throne Island Encounter 2 Throne Island Encounter 3 Throne Island Encounter 4 Throne Island Encounter […]

Dinosaur Mission


Dinosaur Island is back on PC, this time as the Dinosaur Mission! Dinosaur Mission Requirements Tips Fangs: The longer the breeding time, the better the chance to get a Fang. Femurs: The more Gold you collect from your Habitats, the more Femurs you will get. Battle: See fight list below … a long wait time […]

Wonderland Island: Alice’s Adventure

Alice’s Adventure is back on Facebook again. Some slight changes in the quest, but the fight map and rewards are still the same so this walkthrough should still apply in any important regards. Alice’s Adventure is now on Facebook! Sadly, Cheshire Cat is not a quest reward this time around and neither is the Wonder […]

Easter Island Walkthrough!


Easter Island is now on Facebook, iOS, and Android. We’ve posted a full Easter Island walkthrough of all the quests. Check it out!