World Cup Challenge on Facebook App

The World Cup Island is now on the Facebook App. (IMPORTANT: The movile version of the quest is slightly different!) The name of the main quest is The World Cup Challenge. In it are 3 sub-quests; The Training Field, The Old Glory, and The Young Promise. The rewards are the World Cup habitat, Pelusa, and […]

World Cup Island on Mobile!

The World Cup Island is now on mobile apps. (IMPORTANT: The Facebook version of the quest is now live!) You can win a new World Cup habitat and 2 new “Soccer” dragons … Thanks to Kathryn Grant at Dragon City Wiki for the screenshot, since I still can’t get in the game on mobile Now […]

Alice's Adventure (Wonderland Island)

A new quest on Android … Alice’s Adventure. Rewards are a new habitat, Big Hat, Heart’s Queen, and Cheshire dragons! More info coming soon! Dragons You Will Fight To get the habitat you will need to beat 12 dragons. 16 fights for Big Hat dragon. Then 18 for Cheshire. You will also have to fight […]

The Viking Challenge

The Viking Island is back, this time as The Viking Challenge! There are 4 Quests, each with a reward. The Viking Habitat, Thor, Loki, and Odin are the prizes! The Viking Habitat Quest To earn the Viking Habitat, pay the gold, send gifts to friends, and beat the dragons! Dragons to Beat Pay close attention […]

The Jurassic Challenge (Dino Island)

The Dino Island quests are back, this time with a new Jurassic Habitat and a 3rd dragon … the Pterodactyl! More info coming soon… Jurassic Habitat The Jurassic habitat is a new habitat that hasn’t been part of past Dino Island Quests. It can house 3 dragons and has a 60000 Gold capacity. Apparently it’s […]

Alien Invasion (Alien Island)

Alien Invasion is back on Facebook! Here are the dragons you will face in the Tournaments: Fight 1: Star Fight 2: Neon Fight 3: Hot Metal Fight 4: Steampunk Fight 5: Laser Fight 6: Hydra Fight 7: Photon Fight 8: Tesla Fight 9: Alien Fight 10: Mars As always, click on the dragon to go […]

The Dungeon Challenge

The Dungeon Challenge is back! This time it’s on iOS and Android too. The quest is different though, in that you fight for the Specter dragon in the second quest, rather than having a Dungeon Base quest. This suggests the Dungeon Habitat won’t come with it’s own separate island. How to Beat the Dragons You […]

The Deus Challenge (Olympus Island)

Olympus Island is back, this time as “The Deus Challenge”! Win the Olympus Habitat, Poseidon, Hades, and Atlas dragons in this quest! (More details coming soon) Greek Temple Quest Fighting For Thunderbolts To help you get a good start to the quest, here are some of the dragons you will face. You need to win […]

The Jaguar Challenge (Aztec Island 2014)

Aztec Island is back on PC, iOS, and Android. By completing the quest you can earn the Aztec Habitat, Aztec Warrior dragon, Aztec Priest dragon, and Aztec Emperor dragon! Aztec Temple Quest Dragons You Will Fight In the Aztec Island quest, the toughest thing to finish is often the fights. Knowing which dragon you will […]

Sphynx Island

Sphynx Island is now on iOS and Android. It’s also possible to play on PC and Mac by using Bluestacks in some cases. I will be updating this guide as I progress through the quest … for now here’s a list of dragons you will face in battle! Guide to How to Win the Battles […]