Breeding Sanctuary Now Live in Dragon City!

Breeding Sanctuary

Check out the updated Breeding Calculator that includes results from the Breeding Sanctuary!

Important: The dragons unlocked at level 1 are difficult to impossible to breed in Sanctuary level 7 and 8. As are the dragons unlocked at level 2 in Sanctuary level 8.

Social Point customer service has confirmed it is a 0% chance in those cases, but there have been some claims that they have been bred. Don’t risk it though, they are certainly much easier to breed when around the same Sanctuary level!

How to Breed Page Updated!

3 more levels of Breeding Sanctuaries have been added:

How to Unlock the new Breedable Dragons


Each stage in the development of the breeding sanctuary needs to be unlocked. There are 8 levels. Prepare to spend a lot of Gold to do so! (The Market + 500 or more active friends, collecting on Facebook, visiting a friend, and returning to your islands will help you breeze through it.)

3 more levels of Breeding Sanctuaries have been added:

How to Breed in Breeding Sanctuary?

First of all, it appears you simply want to make sure to use the elements in the target dragon. Ice, Fire, Light, Dark for Abyss for instance. Any combo with all those elements should be able to give a chance at Abyss once you have unlocked the 5 level of the Breeding Sanctuary.

The best time to breed Deep Red, Wizard, Ninja, and Burning would be at Breeding Sanctuary level 3 (60% group, 15% individual). For Wyvern, Steam, and Quake, the best Breeding Sanctuary level will be level 4 (30% group, 10% individual). For Dujur, Gargoyle, Magnet, Apocalypse the best level is fully upgraded to 5 (15% group, 4.25% individual). For Blue, Glacial, Howl, Promethium either level 4 or 5 are the same (10% group, 2.5% individual). Meteor, Forge, Abyss can only be bred at level 5 (5% group, 1.67% individual).

All these values are not yet sure how they factor in, there may be other factors at work … but I think it’s safe to say we’re all going to be having a lot of fun in the next few weeks!

Let us know if you figure anything new out or spot any mistakes!

How to Breed Abyss Dragon?


I just bred Abyss! I used Fallen Angel (Light/Dark) + Ice&Fire (Ice/Fire) and tried 6 times. The odds should be about 1.67%, so I got really lucky I think, or the odds are modified depending on other unknown (as yet) factors.