Unlimited Gold and Food

Guide to get Food and Gold in Dragon City

Note: Social Point have stomped out this glitch, it still works, but for dramatically reduced amounts. I got ~200k Food my last collection, which given how slow it is to invite friends isn’t really even worth doing.

Progressing through Dragon City is largely about accumulating and use of Gold and Food. The faster you can get Gold and Food, the higher level you and your dragons will be. It’s possible to go from level 1 to level 99 in just a few weeks. Maybe faster! Use this guide to compete with the best Dragon City players …

The Dragon Market

The Dragon Market has changed a lot over the years. When the game first came out, it wasn’t much use. Gold and Food output was pretty low. You could still do well with thousands of friends, but you would still mainly rely on getting Gold from Habitats and Food from Farms, with gifts from friends and the Dragon Market just being supplemental.

That’s changed a lot! Now the best way to get Gold and Food is by using the Dragon Market properly. There are 10 visible slots in the dragon market that your friends can fill, but there are lots of other slots that you can’t see. There is a trick to be able to gain the Gold and Food from these “extra” friends which we will get to in a minute.

Of course you need those “extra” friends as friends before they can help! Let’s address this first …

How to Get Lots of Dragon City Friends?

Get Gold and Food from your Friends!

With how important Friends are in Dragon City, you can never have too many!

One of the best ways to get friends is to ask in the comments here on DCG … the Breeding Calculator page is especially busy. Hopefully this page will also be a great place to find new friends. Add those who have been asked to be added by opening their Facebook page linked off their name in the comments and sending an invite. Don’t try to add too many at once or Facebook might think something is suspicious! 20 or so a day is generally safe, and will give you 600 Facebook friends within a month. This is enough to get billions of Gold, and tens of millions of Food every few hours!

Another good way to get friends who play Dragon City is to join some of the Facebook groups. Don’t go to the hacker or “Add Me” groups as they tend to be filled with spammers/scammers who are more interested in spamming you with non-Dragon City related things, or hacking your account, than helping you out in the game. You can find some good Facebook groups on our Friends page. Most of the good Facebook groups will screen applicants to keep out the hackers and spammers, and have “Add Me” posts where you can find many people who are currently looking for friends who play Dragon City.

Put Your Friends to Work!

Dragon Market is a great source of Gold!

Once you have a few hundred friends or so, you won’t have to worry about Food or Gold anymore if you can send out the Market requests using iOS or Android. Every 5 hours you can invite all your friends to help out in the Dragon Market. While there are only 8 visible slots that friends can help out in, there are many more that aren’t visible that can count. When you first collect from the Market, it will display an amount of Food or Gold based on the visible slots.

Now how to get the massive amounts of Food and Gold …

Dragon Market is a great source of Food

To get the non-visible slots to count, right after collecting from the Dragon Market note how much Food or Gold you have total, then go visit Deus or another friend. Come right back. If you have a lot of active friends you should have gotten many millions of Gold or Food! With about 1000 active friends, and collecting after 8 to 10 hours, I tend to get 1 billion Gold or 40 million Food. This is enough to do just about anything you want in Dragon City … you can decorate how you want, and don’t have to worry about farming or which dragons in which habitats will let you collect the most Gold.


Dragon City uses a signed integer for the amount of Food you have. What this means is that the maximum value it can hold is 2,147,483,647 … after which it will wrap around to -2,147,483,647 Food. Having negative Food means you will not be able to feed your dragons until you’ve earned enough to be positive Food again. So use your Food as you get it, and stay well under 2 billion just to be safe.

Gold can also go negative (at a higher number), but isn’t important since it won’t affect your ability to buy things.

Update March 16, 2015

Currently there are a lot of problems affecting players in regards to friends. On Facebook, only up to 200 of your friends will show up. On Android and iOS this is more hit and miss. Some people can invite all their friends, some only see up to 200. If you can see all your friends on iOS/Android in the Market, then you can invite them there. But if you collect/refresh on iOS or Android you may not get the bonus Food.

The combination that is working for me right now is to invite on iOS as I can see all 1800 of my friends there. Then collect/refresh on Facebook. The bonus Food/Gold is still applied when I do it that way. Let us know what exact method you are using and whether it is working or not for you in the comments below.


iOS version 3.03.


Recruit Friends on iOS.


All 1800 friends are shown.


Collecting after ~8h on Facebook.


After visiting Deus the bonus Food is applied.