Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to meet new friends to help with the Dragon Market, Tavern Recruitment, special offer dragons, completing quests … or just learning about the game. Here are some of the Facebook groups I like to visit:

Dragon City Players

Dragon City Earth on Facebook

Dragon City Players is one of the larger and better run Facebook groups. This is the first Dragon City group I joined on Facebook. Friendly and helpful, very active, well moderated. The group has current Add Me and App On/Off polls to help you find friends and get all the Recruitment Tavern dragons.

Dragon City Corner

Dragon City Corner

Dragon City Corner is home of Aeclypze Owl’s Breeding Cards, and is friendly and well moderated. They have dedicated posts for adding friends and for helping with the Recruitment Tavern.

Dragon City Drachen Friends

Dragon City Drachen Fans

Dragon City Drachen Fans is a German language group for Dragon City fans.

Dragon City Fusion Francophone

Dragon City Fusion Francophone

Dragon City Fusion Francophone is a French language Dragon City group.



The Swinging Towers is a new Dragon City group with lots of friendly help!


Unicos Dragon City is a helpful Spanish Language Dragon City group!