Breeding Calculator


Results of Breeding Thor and Gold Dragons


Select parents by clicking on them and then selecting a dragon from the list. You can reduce the list by using the search input. Only dragons with the search criteria in their names will appear. Make sure to use the right minimum level and Sanctuary level to get accurate results.

  • Minimum Level: The lowest level of the two parents. Used to determine if Level Exclusive dragons are available as results.
  • Expected Time: This is the average time it would take to get this dragon using this combination. Factors in the odds and breeding times for all the "misses".
  • Sanctuary Level: The level of your Breeding Sanctuary. Different dragons become possible to breed at different levels. Bear in mind that upgrading the Sanctuary can make some lower level Sanctuary dragons more difficult or in some cases impossible(?) to breed, so make sure you have bred the lower level ones you want before upgrading the Breeding Sanctuary!

Hope you like the new calculator. You may need to clear your browser cache to see the page correctly. The new look is coming to the rest of the site soon!